About me

Hi all,
           I am  Deepa.Praveen

   I started this blog few years back just to write my random thoughts, then I started sharing my clicks, then my food thoughts, now about parenting (yes I do have a very busy toddler now) don"t know what tomorrow keeps for me in her hands.

I write three blogs
a) Sketches my days and clicks: It is my food blog.
b) For Better tomorrow: It is my parenting and lifestyle blog
c) Sketches my random thoughts: It is my creative writing attempt in Malayalam, where you can find my random thoughts and poems.

I am not a regular blogger, however, as a netizen I read my favourite blogs. I love to cook and click. Not a serious photographer though.

 Again, if I lock myself from the outer world I cook. Sometimes I click those spicy shots...sometimes I share the chemistry behind the dish..But often because I am lazy.
About my food entries, I, born and brought up in Kottayam district ( a beautiful backwater town in India)my taste buds are always in love with spicy non-veg dishes. Happy to say I am gifted to have so many good cooks around me, who created wonderful non-veg spicy dishes during my childhood days. As I told you I grew up in a  very friendly neighborhood, so if I get the smell of dosa for the second day from mom"s kitchen I vanish from my home and re-appear in my neighbour aunty"s kitchen table for her yummy kappa fish combo or palapam egg roast. Another aunt used to keep a tiffin box for me every day. So I was lucky.
In  college, got  my best buddy Pradesh who happened to be a foodie and not  bothered about zero size as my girlfriends(:P). We used to go to the local restaurants if we are fed up with hour long lectures on Indian and English legal system. For me, he used to have a chat with the local chef  for the recipes. The only problem is he hand over that to me with the note "I feel sorry for the one who is going to marry you...". Those papers worked for me years later along with hour long phone calls and chat with mom, aunties, friends, fellow food bloggers and created a cook in me.

My other passions?

Read..yes I do read..not always..
Movies..yes..I do..
Movie freak? I don"t know..some films I watch them often..may be countless times..s(even if it is a box office flop).. I keep myself away from a lot of box office hits...
For eg...Godfather 3...I can watch anytime..rest in the series..never tried...( DVDs in my bookshelf)
Am I a serious cook?
Am I a serious reader?
No way no....

Yes I am...that is what a very few say...):-

Thanks for traveling with me in this web space  ..have a nice stay here.

Hey, unless otherwise specified the photos in the blog are my creations and copyrighted. Don"t use them without prior permission. Want to use them ?drop a mail, I am happy to share it with you.
If I found out any use of my photos without prior permission I will make a call to my friends who did their masters in IPR along with me which includes my best buddy Pratheesh who happened to be a very good IP attorney in India (me being lazy).
Don"t compel me to go back to my Copyright Legislation materials and  draft a notice against you, then lodge complaint against you....and all other extravagances attached to it..no mate, don"t do that...Thanks for your understanding.

Drop a line if you want to use my photos..it is as simple as that...

Have a nice stay here...



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