Work with me/Assignments

I am glad to work for you.

I’m grateful for you to visit this space of mine. Thanks a lot.
My strength is my friends, yes my readers and I have a good bunch of them listen to me and we share ideas. I love to promote products, brands, bloggers, or even social issues which are relevant. So if you want me to write about your product drop an email @ 
How can we collaborate?
Recipe Development with the ingridents you provide.
I am a creative person and coming from a background of my mom cooking 4 side dishes every day with a different ingredient to satisfy my grandmoms tastebuds. So recent years I excelled in creating so many diverse dishes for my friends with the ingredients they provide. So I am happy to develop a recipe for you.

Product Review/Giveaway
I write only about the products I trust or love to use. Do you have one? Write to me.
Food Styling, contributing and Photography
Are you interested in any of the photos? Do you want me to create drooling photos for your blog. I love giveaways. Drop a line, I will be able to provide photos for you in return for backlink and attribution.

Brand Ambassadorship
Associating with a brand is always exciting. Sharing about a brand with my 2700+ facebook readers, and in all other social media platforms will definitely generate more 'interested parties' for your products. So if you are looking for an online promotional partner for your great product I am here.

Guest Post: 
I love to work with fellow bloggers. Love to write guest post also love to host blog posts, would you like to share my space I am here.

Disclosure: I will always disclose to my readers the nature of my partnership with companies I work with. Per FTC guidelines, I’ll always include a disclaimer at the beginning of each sponsored post and will only use no-follow links.

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