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The site deepapraveen.blogspot.com is created to share deepapraveen"s random thoughts, shots and recipes. Unless other wise specified this random thoughts and shots  are deepapraveens intellectual properties. However deepapraveen has no intention either personal or political to hurt anyones feelings, so if you are any way affected by any of her posts you can contact her at madhudee@gmail.com. The recipes exhibited here are handed over to deepapraveen by her family members,friends, relatives and improvised versions from cook books. This dishes are created at deepas home for her taste-buds, so deepa praveen shall not be responsible if the outcome is not one of your taste. Deepa praveens recipes contains nuts, milk products, sugar and fat so deepapraveen advice you to take care and avoid the ingredients which you are allergic too. Deepa praveen is  not responsible for any health related issues caused to any people, animals or any living thing, or any damage caused to any objects in the reproduction of any of the recipes specified here. Information provided in deepapraveen.blogspot.com is just a basic outline,use your best judgement.

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