Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Cost of one minute.

winter behind the bars, originally uploaded by Deepa.Praveen.

IT was a call from my friend next street.
An invitation to watch his new playmate,
My legs moved from kitchen with in a fraction of second,
How can i neglect his intimate call,
Eventhough it is rough and brash.
I felt something wet some where near my legs,
Water?no ,flood from kitchen,
Tap water enjoying the freedom and kissing my landlords
favourite carpets
But what"s those yellow decorations all over the kitchen floor?
Oh, it"s nothing two kilo peas just committed suicide,
What"s that smell?
nothing my new dupatta ,salwar and my husbands new uniform,
I placed near my kitchen burner
On my way to answer the call
Now they are playing monopoly with some fire flames,
And my dear are you worth enough for all these?
Yes you are, my next street doberman,
You are my one and only friend here,
How can i neglect your call?
How can i miss your new girl friend
It is your stories
which helps me to share a laugh with my husband.
I hope today i can tell more.
See, an ambulance is coming towards my home.
Let me sleep for a while.


Perfect Stranger said...

nice one :)

Light hearted poem & a beautiful pic!!

deepz said...

That was indeed a very costly moment.... :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pic

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