Sunday, 26 February 2012


Strawberry base:
Strawberry jelly – 120 gm.
Fresh strawberry – 3
Sugar – 3 table spoon
Or 1 ½ table spoon and 1 ½ hot water (Depending on your sweetness tolerance level).

Microwave this for 3 minutes to get a liquid form base.


Egg –  3
Caster sugar – 30 gm
Milk – 120 ml or ½ cup
Double cream – 120 ml or ½ cup
Vanilla essence – ½ table spoon
Strawberry base (from the prepared mixture) – ¼ tablespoon

Pour this mixture to the serving dish and let this cool.

Pudding method:

1.    Mix milk and double cream together and in a heavy bottom pan ( use a larger pan)  and bring to boil.
2.    Just before boiling add sugar.
3.    Mix egg yolks together and add boiled mix to this mixture and stir well.
4.    Transfer this back to low heat and continue stir with a whisk (take this on and off from heat prevents curdles) till the mixture is thick.
5.    Add strawberry base mixture and stir well.
 Pour this mixture on top of strawberry base and garnish this with fresh cream.
 Refrigerate for 3 hours (at least) before serving. Enjoy the early spring.


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Awesome dessert, thanks Deepa for stopping by my space, glad to follow U back..

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