Saturday, 22 October 2011


Easy Palpayasam / Milk and rice pudding (Pressure cooker version).

As any other malayali I am a huge fan of Payasams. My onam nostalgias
are always associated with payasams. Thinking about Palpayasam is
making me homesick again. Unlike other desserts this one has another
speciality. A temple in south India named Ambala puzha Sree Krishana
Temple is so famous for this palayasam as an offering to Lord Krishna.
After Onam I was thinking about preparing a payasam for Mr. P. May be
that was my excuse for preparing this payasam for my taste buds . I
have seen my amma preparing this payasam and was so sure it is going
to eat half of my Friday. So I thought I will go for the easy pressure
cooker version.

(Some pre-cooking preparations)

Boil water in the pressure cooker you are supposed to cook and rinse
well even the lid and weight.

Ingredients and preparation method.

1.Milk , Sugar and Raw rice (yes that read one). Ratio is 4 : 1: 1.

Means if you are using 4 cup milk, use 1 cup raw rice, 1 cup sugar.

Must ingredient. A very clean stainless steel spoon.
Optional ingredients.

1.Cardamom pods 2,3 .
2.Cashew nuts or raisins roasted in gee = few.
3.Condensed milk = ½ cup (if you are using condensed milk reduce the
amount of sugar to ½ cup)

1.Pressure cook the rice, sugar, crushed cardamom and milk don’t
forget to put that clean spoon.
2.After first whistle reduce the heat to low and let this cook in low
flame for a further 45 mins.(This slow cooking will give the rice that
pure milk taste).
3.Remove from heat and leave this for 10- 15 mins.
4.When it is cooled down remove the lid, remove the spoon  and add
the condensed milk and heat again for few mins. Stir well.
5.Garnish this with roasted raisins.
That is it….done…enjoy
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vineetha said...

First time in ur space...Good to see yet another malayalee blogger.This is my fav too :)
Will be following u.

Sarah Naveen said...

ithentha deepakutty octoberil ethiyo?

deepz said...

Chechi, why the spoon is needed? that too y'd drop in the cooker? eniku manasilayilaa

gwl said...

So sweet.........

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