Friday, 12 June 2009

All about a kiss

A kiss is a garbage,
If given or received with out reason.
If given or received just for the sake of it
Loved to scream and kick
when she kissed me,
I smiled and kissed back as tight as i can
But sickened inside,
When i will get a chance to make kiss
as an act of free will,when?
then whom will i kiss?
But my eyes projected my puzzled queries.
Shut it,so tight as i can,
sealed it with a tear drop.
Dark ,dark am i in a tunnel?
Is kiss an act of showing dominance?
Yes said the gold ornaments they,
Were trying to escape into by breast,
The kiss made me elastic,
Soul trying to escape to one end.
Body as some else prisoner.
Never again i will put myself into this garbage bag
Never again ,
Now let me take my lips back from yours.

(few years back a lady relative gave me a kiss, don't rise ur eye brows it was not a lesbian act );- but it spoiled my colourful dreams about A Kiss.


xangel said...

vow !! its a vow !! a big one..

Nixon said...

u r brave..2 say facts...very open.
like it..
but i can`t agree..wit wht u say..
its(kiss) so b`tiful..

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