Monday, 2 February 2009

Veg cake DAte CaKe Eggless

veg cake, originally uploaded by Deepa.Praveen.

DAte CaKe Eggless (veg cake)
18 dates(seedless) = 15 to 20 as per size
milk = 3/4 cup
sugar = 3/4 cup
flour or maida = 1 cup
oil = 1/2 cup
baking soda = 1 teaspoon
cashews = 5 to 6

vanila essence= 1 or two drops

Soak the dates in warm milk overnight . Add sugar ,essence and grind them to a smooth paste along with the milk in which it is soaked in. Add oil and mix.
Mix flour and baking soda. Now u can add the flour one table spoon at a time and mix slowly and make cake mixture. Now add nuts to this.

Now pre heat the oven for around 10 mnts at 350F and keep the cake in it for around 35 to 50 mnts. After 35 mnts pls check this by using a kinfe...enjoy this veg cake

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