Thursday, 6 January 2011

Did you actually find them?

Today, after a long dull day, I started playing with my computer. Sign in to Face book to see if my little brother vinukuttan is there so that i can be a "sorry creature*" and complain about my day.
Been to an interview, with wrong pair of shoes and was worried more about the shoes rather than the interview itself.
To be honest the job description given by the lady on the other end of the phone was crap. But yesterday i said yes for a face to face interview,  for the simple reason, their pay scale. ( I am dreaming about a new macro lense. So i thought i will give it a go).  I was there with three other people in a small room and we started talking about how to prepare a cake. ( Dont know how we came across such a topic, no idea, I think if you are nerves,bored and sick,you will talk about rocket science or cake baking).
Then the director came and asked us to have a group discussion and we started looking at each others eyes. Are we supposed to talk? Yes we did and they offered me the job. Cherry on the cake, ""THERE WILL BE A BIT OF SALES and that is out bound call". I never imagined before i can be a vanishing queen this quick it took only 5 minutes for me to reach the bus station( which is one mile away).
I cant do sales that too out bound.
Then i was thinking about texting a friend who will give me a tight hug and make me cheer up in her own way, her positive spirit will lift my mood and i can be the happy go lucky girl again. But since it is Thursday she will be attending her counseling course. So disappointment continues.
So back home, playing with the computer staring at research datas, draft mails, photos and again back to Face book page. I saw many familiar faces in chat box. ( If you are a victim of my friends list you may be aware i am bad at this art, i test your patience with my chatting. And I confess i seldom answer when you say hi or hello. I gave up chatting in-between with out giving you a notice).

Then I found an advertisement on right hand corner of the page, it says reconnect with your friends using your email and it further said "10 of your friends below are reconnected with their friends" and it was his photo appears first in the list.
It gives me a sense of positiveness, joy and many other emotions i cant explain through words. Is it true? Is it a sign from a guardian angel? And i heard it. The song "Would u hold my hand if i saw you in heaven?"

I closed my eyes thinking about that man i met only once or twice but "heard a lot about" from her. Her brother, friend and everything, he who loved my paradise, my home land, may be he loved that place more than us that may be the reason he had his last sunset and sunrise there away from his home, across the oceans.
I closed my eyes again. Is it wet when i opened my eyes i saw the chat pop up window and it was her. Asking me" how are u honey" oh dearest are we this much connected. I told her I am thinking about her. And I said i am with Eric Claptons tears in Heaven.

Then she said "wrong song , my brother used to tell me that it doesnt matter micky mouse still loves u and he"d meant it for you."

Do i need to laugh now or cry? I should laugh because that is what he wants us to do. I am so sure he is reconnected with his friends in that far away land. And he is reconnected with us too through the memories for ever.

To connect with some one you dont need technology, you dont need time, even a physical self.

Yes Eric clapton is ending the song ............I dont belong here in heaven...
Yes dear you belong to our hearts for ever we love you.
And the little snowflakes they are falling down from heaven and love them apparently for no reason.

*Sorry creature - that is a word introduced by my brother for people always make complaints about life.

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