Sunday, 4 January 2009


itzme, originally uploaded by Deepa.Praveen.

It was d xmas eve,it was a European township,every were even the air
where filled with fun and friendship,it was light every where,season
of joy filled every noc and corner. I was among one of those
particles..we were wondering like a snow flake among those floating
crowd..then i turned to this street. Suddenly i felt the vacuum..the
silence..the betrayal..the lone less..and what not.a mixture of all
those feelings together can be termed as "alone". I saw this lady..It
was a smile as plain as the air,as pure as affection, as sore as truth
as complete as faith..she smiled and me?i don't know,i am not sure
whether i gave the courtesy back,i turned back ,footsteps back. My eyes
forget to search for his presence,i failed to recognise my lovely
sisters touch, i am sure my brothers sound seems coming out from a
tunnel..what i was thinking i may be thinking those sentence written
above...recently i read those lines somewhere ...some one wrote it...i
am sure that lady sitting there is feeling do i..what about

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