Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Sand says live in blur

Sand says
Live in a blur

This snap is not taken by me..itz frm a friend of mine..happnd to cm to my possession.

So I inherited it,blur the image and made it my desktop item.This is seemingly an insignificant event. I regularly change my desktop picture with new interesting ones .So my friends and colleagues are interested to check my desktop often for good snapz(floks don’t rise ur eye brows, no intention of copy right violation if the author is known to me..i used to give a pretty good introduction about the person).

But about this snap it remained there for a quite long time.

Shared many hours unknowingly with this.For the past few weeks I was "busy" with nothing much to do…yes rather than correcting ,recorrecting ,drafting and redrafting certain documents..nothing worth…than playing with words..it made my days monotonZ..life flowing like a river

Then, few days back @ my work place I ve gone through some static or immobile moments..yeah the very same day we ve had the rain after a long time..

When it was raining outside I was blocked….I was blocked with a strange feeling...that life is not worth living”

Then my phone rang..i m using a GPRS connection so I placed my mobile near to my PC…I had a glance at my destop. Towards this blur image..it was my intimate friend Resna at the other end..after a long time ..
she asked me how you..

For the first time I had a negative answer “Life in Blur”

hen line got disconnected as usual…
Me..Turned towards my desktop. This time I felt..
that golden image gt faded

It had a questioning glance towards me..
why u say so?

Why I said so ?
I was not ecstatic nor depressed?
I was not into any sort of confusions? I am running a safe voyage.is it my problem?
Or am I residing outside my present state of mind
Am I In a rhetorical state? no way

Then the picture makes its command “move urself”

Yes the sand started saying this

A All human beings are slaves of different times..present and future..

You are not an exception I felt you are
You disappointed me…salve of unwanted thoughts..

Hey look at me…life is like me…

Don’t search for a leading edge here…u cant find edges in life…

Don’t try to explore or discover ur existent ional truth here, itz beyond u

Don’t u rember the game with the safety pin?

(During my child hood days I used to play a game with safety pin along with my friends …One will hide a pin in the sand and others will search for the same when u approach’s the place where the pin is in, then the other one will say “itz hot”..itz the signal.)

U R playing the same sand game with him” the one who knows every thing”

Here he hides "the truth","fortune" some where behind this small particles…
And that "truth or fortune" is really hot.
At some point of time u may cross it..knowningly or unknowingly….U are not in a world of turmoil itz the one u created….world is peacefully lies here as calm as this sand..as pure and profound…don’t try to build a palace with this sand alone, u cant…Don’t try to measure the dimension of my particles. I am beyond ur mathematical equations,Walk elegantly through this…and returned to me one day and be another particle.

I closed my eyes.
Dreaming???am i dreaming
Dont know..I opened my eyes..
The magic sand was there with a special glow.
I tried to remove it from my desktop .With in a fraction of second…replaced it with a deep blue occean. .
Then I heard a laughter …it said -what is in that bottom of the occean.. itzme-
i replaced deep blue sea with a home…then also the same sound..
-itzme ..there too..-
yes I cant find an image with out the magic sand..
in virtual or in real..
so I placed this blur image again as my desktop item…

(words mixed with bit illusion, bit fantasy, bit imagination and a pinch F truth…)


green said...

loved tat......jus loved tat...

Itzme said...

Thnkz green

indraneelam said...

Good One. I felt reality and solitude more.

Reminded me of that childhood game - " hiding safety pin" yes.. there comes my little friend asking "pinnolippichu kalikkam?" We used to hide it anywhere, not in sand alone and manadram plant's leaf was my favourite place...
Oh even a safety pin has relevance in life!!!

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