Sunday, 10 May 2009

Ma where are u?

Ma where are u?, originally uploaded by Deepa.Praveen.

I can see myself in this little girls eyes. I am going back to those days when i am back from school holding her fingers tight.

There is a shop near my school after school i used to wait for her in those door steps having a lolly pop in my mouth,like this.Often failed to taste it. That was my first introduction to those big volume of the lesson "Patience". My passive outlook to the road in front of me turned active during one of those days,when i saw a gang street fight in front of me. I learnt surveillance.

During one of those days i felt rain,i felt contemplated first time in my life. I learnt how to remove my tears with out touching it. I got a friend to wash up my tears. Rain you were my way to rain mam.

One day at the end of a log waiting i try to cross the road with out you. It was hard for me first, red bus ,white cars ,blue vans, speed ,speed ,speed every where. Heard the brakes. But i did it. I learnt confidence in walking alone,crossing roads ,how to accomplish a bigger tasks of times.

I was not confused bcoz i felt you were there for me in the other side of the road.

But you were not there when i reached ,that way i learned to go on with new aims,new ambitions.

You never encouraged me or praised me through words,you never asked to do things,rather you gave me the freedom of choice.

When i was hurt most of the time you were not there to heal me.
Then i learned how to heal myself. You taught me how to go on with life with the pain and agony i have. And smile. Smile from your heart. You taught me that.

You may not be the best mother but for me you are the best.

I cant comprehend the lessons you taught me,I cant.

What more to add?
I miss u ma...

Happy mothers day


santhosh said...

touching!!u r language is v gud

santhosh said...

touching!!u r language is v gud

Adv.Deepa.P.Madhu said...

Thanks santhosh

Resmi said...

Nice Deepa...........

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