Wednesday, 17 June 2009

give me my past

give me my past, originally uploaded by Deepa.Praveen.

I wanna to be that child again,
Father,i want my childhood back,
I want u to take me like that,
I want u to walk around the street carrying me like that

And telling the big things to me,
You proved world is too small and
i am big "big enough to face any challenge"
You took me near the elephant ,i was not afraid.
you took me to the mountains ,i was not afraid.
you took me to the temple and i meet the idol face to face.
Together we crossed streets and streams like this,
I was not wet nor sweat.
But you, you were.
I still wanna to be that child dad,
Now i am walking alone
now u are telling only small things like
"miss you my child","be a good wife", "call home once in a while"
Those Short words,means a lot dear
Now i am one among the crowd dear
And the world is too big.
Now i am away from the wild and height
But i am afraid.
I know the "wild and the height" is with in me,
I placed many idols at home
But they are faceless
Now i am here doing nothing
But my cheeks are wet.
Thinking about tomorrow
it is burining inside and i can feel the sweat.
I want my yesterday back dear,
Give me my past.
Give me my journey back

Happy fathers day bit late (u know me, achey)


Liju James said...

...hope ur dad too reads that. he would be proud to have a daughter like you.

Anonymous said...

Lots ... lots of realities of life in these few lines. Yes ... me also want to get that past back ..!

pinkapplecore said...

Thank you for the lovely comment, I really appreciate it.

I really liked your poem, I wish you had been in my creative writing class.

Eldho said...

chechy..really good and touching..

anupama said...

dear aami,
thanks for your visit.
your poem is very touching and by the time i reached the last line,my eyes were wet.
i thought of my father.childhood,is the best time in one's life!
be the proud daughter of the proud parents!
please convey my regards toooo.:)

കുമാരന്‍ | kumaran said...

touching lines.

Athena. said...

Thankyou for the sweet comment and follow, lovely.
This is a truly amazing poem, it's so sweet!
I do hope your father reads it, it's true - he would be so proud.

Rani Ajay said...

I dont know what to say,am in tears..really touching...I forwarded yr lines to my father as Fathers day gift..

deepz said...

Very good..i miss my pappa reallyy a really gifted to have him in my life...

ur lines are really touching....

AD said...

thank you for visiting me.
i m truly touched by this poem.
i am still my daddy's girl and i wanna keep it that way because he is the only man who know my real worth and doesnt shun me when i make a huge mistake.

he hugs me, loves me and makes me who i am today.

these was really a down pour and it gives me a view into a window i can blog about :)
thank you!

Ria said...

lovely poem!!fathers the best thing to happen to daughters.

Anonymous said...

beautiful poem =)

Randeep said...

Good one.. Really touched.. 1st time here.. U r having a nice one. keep it up..



yes, wow !
present past past present.

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