Saturday, 5 February 2011

Easy Ice-cream cream recipe for the weekend.

Fed up with vaniila ice-cream? Fancy something different with the left overs?
Here is something for you.
Left over vanilla ice-cream=200 gm
Honey= 2 spoon.
chocolatecream= 4 spoon.(chocolate cream= Set your oven in a very, very, low temp for 2 mnt or so.Place chocolate in a heatproof bowl into the oven and leave for a fewminutes. Recommended temp is 110C 225F or ¼ gas mark. Leave for a fewminutes, then take out and stir gently to make sure it is all nicelymelted and allow it to cool)Crushed biscuit = 2.Crushed dry fruits= 1 spoon.Any essence of your taste= 2 drop.
Whip the vanila ice-cream with honey and essence.Make small layer of ice-cream in a bowl. Spread a small portion ofcrushed biscuit and dry fruits.Make a small layer of choclate cream and pour Ice-cream over thisagain. Repeat the process.Cover with a well-fitting lid and it is ready for the freezer.While serving, add a few drops of your favourite liqueur for thatextra-special flavour even few drops of orange juice also do somemagic.
Let me know if you like it. Enjoy your week end.
Sorry about the noise in the picture..ISO setting was too high..frgt to change it.
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Super said...

thats great looks yummy :)
Thanks for sharing aaami

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