Thursday, 24 February 2011

Jalebi Recipe

It is time for some sweets... another easy indian Jalebi and pistachio ice cream are best combination fordinner party desserts.Jalebi is an an Arabian sweet but it is so popular in India. Now it is a celebration sweet of India. The picture is an Indian rather Kerala version of the original recipe. It is a food+ medicine in Pakistan (wiki says so). For headache it is placed in boiling milk and placed standstill before eating. We can see the reference of this sweet dish in some early classics :)-
1. Maida flour( all purpose flour)=1 cup.2. rice flour= 2 Tsp 3.baking powder= a bit 4. curd= 1tsp or bit less(optional)5. warm water or warm milk=4/3 cup (if you are using curd avoid milk) 6. sugar=1 1/2 cup7.water =1 cup8. cardamom powder=bit or crushed cardamom 3. 9. Food colour-orange or red few drops.10 Ghee or vegetable oil for frying
Method:1.Mix maida flour, rice flour, baking powder, curd and mix well by adding water to get a thick cream.2.Let it ferment for a least 4 to 6 hours then whisk again.3.Dissolve sugar in 2 water and boil till it becomes a syrup of one thread consistency. 4. Transfer the thick cream to resealable food and freezer bag then pierce it from the bottom. I use a coconut shell with a hole in one of those three eyes of coconut.5.Heat oil or ghee in a pan. 6.Allow the batter to fall into continuous double circles as shown in the picture(not necessary if u fancy some other design you can follow that).7.Deep fry them,allow the jalebis to set and then turn over once, once it is golden in color and crisp all over remove from heat and transfer to sugar syrup let it immerse in the sugar syrup. 8. After some time say few minutes remove from the syrup.
Jalebi is ready for u.
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