Saturday, 26 February 2011

Potato cheese omelette...another day of terror for Praveen.

Our Christmas week end, we enjoyed having paracetamol and few other capsules for cold and fever. Praveen tried to prove his excellence in kitchen but as usual ended up in the usual stuff ,rice soup( we call it kanji) and pickle. So for a change i ,decided to go for something simple and different.

So here comes the Potato Cheese omelet..for a change!!!!!!!!
( P.S : Wont recommend this for fever of cold victims ,but if your partner provokes you with their cooking experiments,vouch for sure, you can try this)
Cheese,grated: 50 gm

Potato (medium one)- boiled and mashed or grated.
Big onion half-sliced.
Green chili-one -finely chopped.
Garam masala optional-1/4 tsp.
Butter- 1 tsp.
Egg- 2nos.
Black pepper powder-1/4tsp.
Salt- As required.
Parsley or Curry leaves-  Few.


Heat pan with butter in medium heat,add sliced onion,green chili and bit salt stir well add garam masala(optional)now add  mashed potato stir for two to three minutes keep it aside.

Beat egg well, with bit salt and pepper.
Heat  your non stick pan(medium heat), add the remaining butter and add your egg mixture. Stir it gently using the edge of an wooden spoon,as egg begins to set, run spatula under edge of omelet, lifting cooked portion and allowing uncooked portion to spread to bottom of pan, tilting pan as necessary.
Now put your potato mixture in the middle of this omelet as a line. Put grated cheese on top of it. now gently turn the sides of your omelet to this middle portion from both sides.
Keep it in that pan for bit more time, just for that cheese to melt. If you are an expert cook ,you can turn the omelet upside down and allow other side to cook. What i do is i heat another non stick pan and put the omelet to that one from the current pan. Simple.
Omelet is ready. You can serve with green salad


pinkapplecore said...

I don't usually like an omelette but you had me at potato!

Itzme said...

try this my little girl i am sure u will like it...

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