Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sweet and sour Masala Pasta

My comfort-zone in cooking is Indian dishes. The masalas,spices, dry nuts, rice,coconut, cant think about a dish with out one of them. But I love to experiment food from other side of the world. Don"t know whether it is a strong point or weak point I do ended up in adding spices to it. (So now a days before cooking I lock my spice tins in a safe place for happy and original cooking.)

This is my version of a pasta dish.

Cooking instructions.
-We are cooking pasta and the sauce same time. And going to mix it.
-For me cooking pasta takes around 15-to 20mnts(that depends on pasta).
-For the sauce I need 10 mnts or so. (So u can adjust time accordingly).

Crushed /ground mixed spices= cinnamon+ /or,coriander+/or,cloves,cardamom.
Salt= According to your taste.
Oil=few drops.
Orange zest= few.
Lemon juice= Few drops optional (It will prevent the pasta from sticking to one another)
Water= Enough to cover the pasta and bit more. (I use 2 1/2 cups).
Allow water to boil, then add mixed spice,salt,oil and orange zest. Mix well. Add pasta. Make sure it is covered with water. Bring heat to medium. Check and stir in between and make sure pasta is covered with water. If not, add boiling water to it. Normally it will be ready between 12-18mnts.
Boiled mixed beans+chickpeas=3/4cup.
Big onion =1 1/2.
Ginger garlic paste=1/2tsp.
Soya sauce=1/2tsp.
Mild chilli powder=1 tsp.
Garam masala=1/2tsp.
Dobule creame or coconut milk=2 tsp.
Fresh orange juice= From half an orange Or any sweet dessert wine.
Parmesan=freshly grated 2tbsp
Any greens,leaves only, finely chopped( I use curry leaves).
Olive or Veg oil=1 tbsp.
Salt= Your taste

1. Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook the sliced onion,salt,greenchilli (sliced) ginger garlic paste and the leaves you choose for 5 minutes until crisp and golden brown.
Now mix the masalas and chilli in soya sauce and make a cream. Add this to the onion mixture and stir well.
2. Add mixed beans+chickpeas mixture. Stir well for 2mnts.
Heat medium.
3. Take 1/4 water from your boiling pasta and add that to this. Cover it with a lid and in slow flame let it cook for next 5-7 minutes.
4.Drain the pasta by removing the water to another container, we need this water. So keep it aside.
5.Add pasta to the chikpea masala mixture stir well.
6.This is not a dry pasta so we are going to add 4/3 cup of water which we used for boiling pasta.
7.Heat to low. Add double cream or coconut cream. Mix well or another 2-3mnts. Add grated Parmesan cheese.
8. Squeeze half a lemon on top of it or add your dessert wine few tsps. Cover it with a lid
9.Remove from heat. Allow it to set the for few more minutes.
Sweet and sour masala pasta ready.

Some good books for reference :
The Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles
CR Gibson Al Dente Pocket Page Recipe Book
Worlds Greatest Pasta Recipes (Book #2)...182 PAGES of the best Pasta Recipes on the web!!
The Essential Pasta Cookbook
Cookin': A Musical Cookbook
Grilldog Presents: Episodes 44 - 47
Grandmas Favorite Pasta Recipes (Book #3)...179 PAGES of Grandmas best Pasta Recipes on the web!!.


Pam said...

Sounds good!

Deepa Praveen said...

Thanks pam.

Krithi's Kitchen said...

Lovely pasta.. Awesome clicks!


Deepa Praveen said...

Thanks krithi..

Soumya Vineeth said...

Deepa, Thanks for dropping in by my space, Ur space is good, quite colorful, good to see an all in one blog, happy following you!

Shanavi said...

Catchy pasta u hv there.. Very colourful and really really temping..Thanks for paying a visit to my blog..Glad following u dear,


Deepa Praveen said...

Thanks Soumya and shanavi..see you soon in your blogs

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Seeing your lovely pasta reminds me I should have pasta more often. Your photos are great.

Deepa Praveen said...

thanks sam...

Suja Sugathan said...

Pasta looks wonderful,wonderful clicks..
Lovely and colorful blog, fresh approach and writing..love both blogs
Happy to follow u:)

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Thanks so much for visiting or I would never have found you. I love the sound of this dish and I have always loved Indian dishes so I will be back for sure. I am now a follower of your blog as well. Diane

Deepa Praveen said...

Thanks Suja and Diane

aipi said...

Wow..that looks fingerlicking good :)..awesome, color , n presentation!

US Masala

Deepa Praveen said...

aipi thanks a lot..ur blogs just amazing..wil be back to it soon

My cooking experiments said...

Lovely pasta and great clicks!

Deepa Praveen said...

Thanks a lot friends

Deepa Praveen said...

Thanks a lot friends

Katerina said...

I love sweet and sour flavor so I am sure I would love this pasta dish as well.

MiniBinoy said...

Hello Deepa ,thanx for dropping in by my blog..your pasta looks so inviting!nice recipe!:)

Deepa Praveen said...

Thanks kathrina and mini....see u in your blogs

Ally said...

i love your clicks..simply marvelous!

Deepa Praveen said...

thanks a lot alli

divya said...

Pasta looks truly irresistible and yumm! u have wonderful blog dear..love to follow u..

camelia said...


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Deepa Praveen said...

thanks dear friends

Sonia said...

Wow..this is a great fusion pasta, i have never tried it and wud love to make it, saving ur recipe. Thanks for stopping by my space !

Deepa Praveen said...

Thanks soniya

Umm Mymoonah said...

I too do the same thing, whatever different type of food I try, I mix some Indian spices in that. Anyway your pasta looks very delicious. Glad to know about your blog.

Deepa Praveen said...

thanks dear

Lena Rashmin Raj said...

sour and sweet pasta!! gr8 idea Deepa :)ur snaps are superb :)

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