Friday, 6 April 2012

Uppumanga/ Vadumanga/Mavadu/Salted tender mango with chilli (pickle)

Uppumanga/ Salted mango chilli pickle/tender mango pickle.

1. Tender Mangoes- 500gm
2. Rock Salt- 50gm
3.Red chilli powder- 50gm
4.Powdered mustard seeds - 50gm
5.Asafoetida/Hing/Kayam :1/4tsp
6.Water - 3 cups

Wash mangoes and dry them.
Boil water.
Layer mangoes in the jar (clean and dry jar).
Mix salt with chilli powder and hing.
Spread this in between the mangoes.
Pour hot water on top of the mangoes.
Cover with clean cloth socked in sesame oil. And close the lid air tight.
Keep this in your storage area and for the first few days shake the jar in between.

Pickle will be ready after three weeks, but best to be served after three months.

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