Thursday, 29 March 2012


Rasamalai an easy Indian Dessert :

Whole cream milk - 1/2 ltr or two cups.
Sweetened condensed milk - 2 full spoon.
Crushed cardamon - 1/4 tbsp
Dry Milk powder - 1/2 cup (use full cream ones)
Egg white - 1/2 - a small spoon full egg white.
Baking powder - 2 pinch
Any flouring of your choice like Vanilla essence, rose water etc.. - 1 or 2 drops.

1.Mix the egg yolk, baking powder and milk powder together with a drop of flouring agent (if you are using any) and make a small lemon size balls. Flatten this gently on palms. Keep this flatten pieces on a tray lightly dusted with flour.

2.In a heavy bottom pan boil milk with cardamon.

3. Once this started boiling, reduce heat and carefully place our prepared discs to this. You can use a spoon and transfer the discs using a fork.

4. Keep some space between the discs, because they will expand once they cooked. Reduce the heat and allow this to cook for 15 - 20 minutes in low flame. ( I keep a wooden spoon in the milk)

5.Don't mix or stir.

6. Check one disc to see it is properly cooked.

7. Once you feel it is cooked add condensed milk as per your taste.

Taste best when it is served enjoy this and let me know...:)

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