Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mushroom cabbage stir fry...

Currrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy, originally uploaded by Deepa.Praveen.)
Yesterday was another day.
Yet another day of spending hours thinking what should be today's menu.
I hate this part. I hate the confusion and dilemma in fixing a proper menu for lunch or dinner. I think I am the only one having this problem.
I wonder how my mom used to manage her kitchen affairs and cook more than 3 items a day without giving it much thought.
I think preparing for my pg exam was way easier compared to this thinking process.

As usual I opened my fridge and start staring at those half spoiled vegetables.
I found 1/3rd of cabbage in good condition and found a couple of mushrooms waiting for the death bell.
So I decided to try a mushroom cabbage stir fry.
I swear on God, I have never heard about a cabbage mushroom stir fry.
But those where the only vegetables in good condition and the one and only choice too.

The mafia war game in Facebook made me a manic and took the knife and without using any energy pack hit the cabbage and I got 1/3rd portion of it.

Then I found those smiling mushrooms a 6 men army. They marched towards my cooking pot.

I hummed that song tired of being sorry...with that rhythm I cut those mushroom boys and my cabbage girl.
Keep them aside before the crucifixion.

Then my fvrt kadai , my accomplice, started burning for me and I put 2 spoons of veg oil into his burning heart. When the oil starts to share the heat of his heart I put more accomplice into that gang. Mustard first followed by jeera, curry leaves etc. After a while, I put the green girl cabbage and white boys mushroom.

Turn the heat into simmer and allow them to be in contemplation for few minutes.

Meanwhile I put coconut,jeera(1/2 spoon),ginger,small shallot(3),garlic,turmeric,green chilli,salt,bit black pepper and grind it. It was not a fine first.

By that time that first fm song was over and I put this gravy into the boiling mixture. And I think I got something to cover it.

Then it was another song..hello hello is it me you looking the time that song S over I got my stir fry in this fashion. Hope u will enjoy it);-


pinkapplecore said...

aw that's great! I lost a french bread recipe that I loved and tried to find another but it wasn't good at all. It was a waste of 2 hours. ^. ^

Radicis said...

sounds yummiee.....will show it to my wife :)

deepz said...

ha..ha..interesting... :)

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

Retromus-ik said...

It looks amazing! I love curry.

Gulfu said...

Nice ..kollam

Sureshkumar Punjhayil said...

Thanks for sharing it. Best wishes...!!!

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