Thursday, 12 November 2009

prawn fry

prawn fry, originally uploaded by Deepa.Praveen.

What u miss the most if u are away from home?

Ofcourse yes , food prepared by your mom.

Same to me.

And as he is a strict veggi, some of my fvrt non veg things started appearing in my dreams.

If you feel something is away from u, u started thinking about it over and over.

My valluvanadan is quite ok with my non veg cooking at home. He encourges it too. Because since it is non veg he can escape from me. More over he can go back too one of his fvrt dal dish which i hate the most.

So few days back i made at attempt and here is the result.

As it looks it was not a failure. would u like to try?

Here we go
Large prawns 5( small prawns 10): deveined ,pealed and washed.
Chilli powder: 1tsp
Turmeric powder:1/4 tsp
Garam masala : 1/2 tsp
Ground Pepper powder :1/2 tsp
Lemon juice :1 1/2
cocunut oil :3-5 tbl spoon
salt : as per ur taste
Big onion: thinly sliced :1
green chilli:finely chopped:3-4
garlic:finely chopped 1 clove
ginger :1

curry leaves : 10
musturd :1/4 tsp.

Step one:
We need a marinade with all the powders ,lemon juice and prawns and one spoon oil. Apply thi to our prawns and leave it in there for half and hour.

Step two:

Shallow fry prawns. Leave it in heat for around 2-3 mnts,prawns needs little cooking time. Dont over cook.

In another pan, crack musturd in oil,apply sliced onion,bit turmeric,salt,ginger,green chilli, garlic, and curry leaves. When it turns to little golden brown add the leaft over masalas in that prawns dish to it. Reduce the heat to low and when that raw smell goes add the prawns to it. stir well for two three mints. IF u need littile gravy put less that 1/4 glass water too that masala leftover plate and apply the same to our fry leave it der another few mnts. Apply salt. stir well ur fry is ready


pinkapplecore said...

I've heard of Turmeric powder before and everyone says it's very healthy for you, i've not used it yet. But I think I will now.

Rani said...

Deepa ..mouth watering dish... this is one of the fav recipes of my hubby...thanks for sharng the recipe...

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