Monday, 16 November 2009

Curd Curry/ Moru kachiyathu

Curd Curry, originally uploaded by Deepa.Praveen.
Well our sundays are busy with phone calls. Last day when i called amma (praveens mom )she said she had moru kachiyathu and upperi for lunch. I love the way she prepare this moru koottan( curd curry. Our kotttayam style moru kachiyathu is different from her palakkad style (two different places in kerela). My Curd curry is a mixture of these two styles.

Ingredients :-

Curd (well beaten) – 2 cups
Asafoetida(Kaayam) – a pinch
Fenugreek powder(Uluva) – a pinch
Salt – to taste
Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
Oil (preferrably Coconut Oil) – 3 tsp

For Grinding :-
Grated coconut – 1/4cup
Cumin seeds (Jeerakam) – 1/4 tsp
green chilli- 1 (you can use red chilli powder 1/4 tsp aswell insted of green chilli).
Ginger : a very small portion
Step one:
Grind all the above ingredients into a fine paste and keep it aside.

For Seasoning :-
Mustard seeds – few
Shallots (kunjulli ) sliced – 1/2 tbsp
Green chillies slit – 1 or two
Red chillies – 2
Curry leaves – a sprig.

Step 1:

Mix together curd,salt and turmeric powder in a bowl.
Step 2:

Heat oil in a pan and allow mustard seeds to splutter.
Step 3:

Add shallots ,fry til it turns brown . Add green chillies ,red chillies and curry leaves.Fry for a while and remove it from oil and keep it aside.
Step 4:

Reduce the heat to low .
Add the ground paste into the same oil.Fry for 2-3 mins stirring continuously.( Dont allow coconut paste to change its color).
Step 5:

Add asafoetida and fenugreek powder and stir well.

Step 6:
Add the beaten curd mixture and stir continuosly until it is warm.Never let it boil.Remove from heat ,pour the prepared seasoning over it. Your curd curry is ready.


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