Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mango chutney/Raw Mango chutney/Manga chamanthi/Pacha manga chamanthi.


How u all? Enjoying your days? My advance happy week-end. It is Friday noon and I think I am already in a week end mood. I am very lazy blogger. But today I decided to post one of my" nostalgic food" recipes.

1. Grated coconut= 1 cup.
2. Chopped mango=1/2 cup.(Raw and sour)
3.Green chilli=2. 
4.Red chilli=2( or you can use any one of them ).
5.Ginger= A small piece.
6.Shallot = 3.
7.Salt= To taste.
8.Curry leaves= Few.
9.Lemon juice=Few drops(optional if the mango's are not raw).
1.Grind coconut,chillis and mango together first.
2.Add the other ingredients to the mixture and grind again. Normally I don"t add extra water at all, because most often it is going as a combination with Kanji (Indian rice soup/rice porridge :P) but if I am making this as a side dish for dosa then I add one /two spoons of water.

P.S.Here comes my mom"s tip: First she fry shallot, chili and coconut in a pan for few seconds just to get rid of its raw smell. Then grind all the ingredients together and make a thick paste as shown in the picture.

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Rajani said...

Asalaya manga chamandi.
Hi Deepa, glad to have you at my space.Your blog rocks, very interesting.Will drop in very often, for all your veggie posts!
Please do visit my space and put in your feedback.

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