Sunday, 28 August 2011

Banana pudding/ Nenthra pazham payasam.

Nenthra pazha payasam/Plantain Dessert

1.Medium sized ripe plantain- 2
2. Ghee or cleared butter- 4 tspn.
3.Crushed Jagerrey or sharkkara- 1/2 cup.
4.Thick coconut milk- 1 Cup.
5. Cashews, raisins and coconut pieces- 1/2 cup.
6.Crushed cardamom pods- 1 or two.


1. Cut the plantains into one or two pieces and steam till it is soft. I Microwaved them in high for 10mnts.

2. Remove the steams and black layer inside and mash well with your hand.

3.Heat ghee in a pan and fry this banana mixture for 5 mnts. I microwave them for 5 mnts in high uncovered. Stir in-between.

4. Add crushed jagerrey fry for another 10- 15 mnts or microwave for another 15 mnts.

5. Mix half cup of coconut milk with half cup of water and pour to the mixture let this boil in low flame, or microwave for another 2 mnts.

6. Remove from heat and mix this with the remaining thick coconut milk and add crushed cardomom pods. Garnish this with fried nuts,raisins and coconut pieces.

You can use milk made if you want.

I was running out of cashew nuts, so I used almonds.

You can add small pieces of fried plantain.

A few drops of vanilla essence will give you a different taste.
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